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General Surgery

      Advance Medical Directive

      An advance medical directive is a form that lets you plan ahead for the care you’d want if you could no longer express your wishes. This statement outlines the medical treatment you’d want or names the person you’d wish to make healthcare decisions for you. Be aware that laws vary from state to state, and it may be worthwhile to talk with an attorney. Read More

      After an Appendectomy

      Most patients recover quickly after an appendectomy. Here's what you can expect after the surgery. Read More

      After Bariatric Surgery: The First 6 Weeks

      At first, you may have stomach or bowel cramping, shoulder pain, or nausea. Tell your healthcare provider if pain or nausea is severe or doesn’t improve with time. Take pain medicines as prescribed for 1 to 2 weeks. Read More

      After Bowel Surgery: Recovering in the Hospital and at Home

      After bowel surgery, you may be in the hospital overnight or longer. Once you are home, your recovery may take several months. Here's what you can expect. Read More

      After Gallbladder Surgery

      You can usually go home the same day as your surgery. In some cases, you may need to stay overnight. After open laparoscopic surgery, you will usually need to stay in the hospital for 2 to 5 days. Once you’re at home, be sure to follow all your healthcare provider’s instructions. Read More

      After Gastric Bypass: Nutrition Guidelines

      After gastric bypass surgery, you will need to learn a new way to eat and drink. Your new stomach pouch is much smaller than it was before. And it has a small opening at the bottom called a stoma. This can become blocked by food if you are not careful. Here are guidelines. Read More

      After Hernia Surgery

      You can usually go home the same day as surgery. If you had surgery to repair ventral or incisional hernia, you may need to stay in the hospital overnight. To speed healing, take an active role in your recovery. Read More

      After Peripheral Artery Bypass Surgery: At Home

      Read on for helpful tips to speed your recovery at home after peripheral artery bypass surgery. Read More

      After Peripheral Artery Bypass Surgery: In the Hospital

      After peripheral artery bypass surgery, plan on being in the hospital for about 3 to 8 days. The length of your stay depends on the type of bypass you have, your health, and how you respond to surgery. Read More

      After Thoracoscopy

      Here is what to expect after your procedure. You'll work with a respiratory therapy while you are in the hospital. Read More
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