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Occupational Safety

      Atmosphere-Supplying Respirators

      Atmosphere-supplying respirators provide the greatest respiratory protection. They let you breathe air from an outside source, such as an air tank or a compressor. They are used where oxygen levels may dip below 19.5% or where certain gases and vapors are highly concentrated. Read More

      Bloodborne Pathogens: After an Accident

      Whether or not housekeeping is a regular part of your job, at some time you might be involved in cleaning up after an accident. Proper cleaning of the accident site keeps blood or body fluids away from yourself and others. Read More

      Bloodborne Pathogens: If You’re Exposed

      Bloodborne pathogens are disease-causing germs carried in blood or other body fluids. If blood or body fluids have touched your eyes, mouth, nose, or any other opening or break in your skin, you've been involved in an exposure incident. Read More

      Bloodborne Pathogens: OSHA Regulations

      Universal precautions are procedures that can help you avoid dangerous diseases that could infect you and spread to your loved ones. Read More

      Bloodborne Pathogens: Quiz

      Try testing yourself to see what you know about bloodborne pathogens. Read More

      Bloodborne Pathogens: Understanding Controls

      Your employer will put into place safe work practices, procedures, tools, and equipment (controls) to help guide and protect you from bloodborne pathogens. Learn your employer's controls. Then follow them to protect yourself. Read More

      Bloodborne Pathogens: When an Accident Happens

      Suddenly you're faced with an accident on the job. With a quick study of the situation, you can decide how best to handle it. Before you help, take the right steps to protect yourself and others from infection from bloodborne pathogens. Read More

      Choices for Hearing Protection

      Ergonomics and MSDs: Quiz

      Take this short quiz to find out how much you know about ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Select the one best answer for each question. Answers appear at the bottom of the page. Read More

      Ergonomics: Adjust Your Chair

      If you sit much of the day, your chair is your main support. A well-adjusted chair improves your circulation. It also helps prevent backaches and fatigue. Read More
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