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      Advance Medical Directive

      An advance medical directive is a form that lets you plan ahead for the care you’d want if you could no longer express your wishes. This statement outlines the medical treatment you’d want or names the person you’d wish to make healthcare decisions for you. Be aware that laws vary from state to state, and it may be worthwhile to talk with an attorney. Read More

      After a Cone Biopsy

      A cone biopsy is a quick outpatient surgery used to find and treat a problem in the cervix. It takes less than an hour, and you'll be able to go home the same day. Read More

      After Bowel Surgery: Recovering in the Hospital and at Home

      After Treatment for a Mouth or Throat Tumor

      An Agent's Role for Durable Power of Attorney

      Often it’s hard to know which medical treatment choices you might face. Would you rather let someone you trust decide for you? A durable power of attorney for health care lets you name an agent to carry out your wishes. This happens only if you can’t express your wishes yourself. Read More

      Anatomy of the Brain

      The brain controls the body. You can move and feel because of the brain. And it is the brain that makes you able to think, to show emotions, and to make judgments. The brain is protected by the skull, tissue, and fluid. Read More

      Anemia During Cancer

      When levels of healthy red blood cells (RBCs) in the body drop to levels that are below normal, the condition is called anemia. Anemia can occur during cancer and its treatment for many reasons. Read More

      Biopsy for a Brain Tumor

      If you've been diagnosed with a brain tumor, the next step may be a brain tumor biopsy. This will help find out whether the tumor is cancerous and how it should be treated. Read More

      Blood and Blood Product Transfusions for Cancer

      A blood transfusion is when blood or parts of the blood are given to a person through an IV line placed in a vein. The blood and blood parts used for transfusion are called blood products. The blood usually comes from another person (donor). This sheet tells you more about how blood and blood products may be used to help treat cancer. Read More

      Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy

      Bone marrow is the soft, spongy part inside bones. It makes most of the body’s blood cells. Aspiration and biopsy are procedures done to take a sample of bone marrow out of the body for examination. Find out why these procedures are done and how to prepare for them. Read More
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