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      Abdominal Ultrasound

      Abdominal ultrasound is an imaging test that uses sound waves to form pictures of your abdominal organs. It can help detect organ problems, such as gallstones, kidney stones, or liver disease. Read More

      Abscess Drainage


      Barium Enema

      Biopsy for a Brain Tumor

      If you've been diagnosed with a brain tumor, the next step may be a brain tumor biopsy. This will help find out whether the tumor is cancerous and how it should be treated. Read More

      Bone Density Study

      A bone density study helps diagnose osteoporosis (bone thinning). Scans of your lower back, hip, or forearm are taken to measure the amount of calcium (density) in your bones. Calcium is the mineral that makes up your bones. Read More

      Bone Scan

      A bone scan is an imaging test that uses a special camera to form images of your bones. It is used to diagnose bone problems, such as fractures, cancer, or infections, and joint problems such as arthritis. It is also used to check joint replacements. Read More

      Bone X-ray

      A bone X-ray is a way to take pictures of bones. Low dose radiation (X-rays) is passed through the body, producing images of the bones on film. Read More

      Breast MRI

      Cardiac Catheterization

      You may have had angina, dizziness, or other symptoms of heart trouble. To help diagnose your problem, your doctor may suggest having a cardiac catheterization. This common procedure is sometimes also used to treat a heart problem. Read More
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