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  • Einstein Earns Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission for Life-Sustaining Cardiac Procedure

    Published: 10/25/2011

    VAD is a mechanical circulatory pump that pushes blood continuously through the body of a patient who has limited heart function. Some VADs are intended for short term use, typically for patients recovering from heart attacks or heart surgery, with many awaiting transplant. Other VADs are implanted in patients who have congestive heart failure for long term use – months, years, or in some cases, even for life. As an example, former Vice President Dick Cheney had a VAD implanted in summer 2010.

    “Certification by the Joint Commission for VAD implantation is an acknowledgement that Einstein has met the stringent national standards required for quality and safety when performing this life-saving procedure, ” said Richard J. Galup, Administrator, Einstein Institute for Heart and Vascular Health. The certification process included a rigorous on-site survey by a team of Joint Commission expert surveyors who evaluated Einstein’s compliance with standards of care specific to the needs of patients and families, including infection prevention and control, leadership and medication management.

    VAD implants often serve as a bridge to sustain life until a patient can receive a heart transplant. Because the device supplements the amount of blood pumped through the body, most patients with a VAD implant are able to be functional despite a serious heart condition. After the device is implanted, patients generally feel more energetic and are able to resume many activities  that they were unable to do prior to receiving the implant.

    “With devices like the VAD, the Einstein Heart and Vascular Institute has yet another way to sustain heart function and enhance quality of life in patients whose hearts are too weak to pump on their own,” said D. Lynn Morris, MD, Chairman of Cardiovascular Disease and Director of the Einstein Institute for Heart and Vascular Health.

    “Extending life and enhancing quality of life for our patients is the real benefit of having the latest in cardiovascular innovations.”

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