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About Our Think Tank

  • The Center benefits from an internal "Think Tank" that serves as the Center's advisory committee. Think Tank members help ensure that the Center's output strengthens the Network's capacity to deliver quality care to diverse populations. They help identify priority areas, opportunities, and strategies to build research and demonstrate project capacity in urban health. Members of the Center for Urban Health Policy and Research Think Tank:

    • Arnold W. Cohen, MD
      Chairman, Department of OB/GYN
    • Jeffrey Cohn, MD
      Chief Quality Officer
    • Michael Destefano, PhD
      Program Director for Child and Adolescent Services
    • John M. Finger
      Vice President, Strategic Planning and Resource Allocation
    • Mary Beth Kingston, RN, MSN
      Chief Nursing Officer 
    • Lynne Kornblatt, Esq.
      Vice President, Human Resources
    • Ruth Lefton
      Chief Operating Officer, Moss Rehab 
    • Steven Sivak, MD
      Chairman, Department of Medicine