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Community Collaborations

  • CUHP WomenHospital-community collaborations are an essential in research aimed at decreasing health disparities and in improving the health status of the diverse populations within a given geographic area. Community-based research involves engaging community members and community based organizations (CBOs) in the process of identifying issues of importance to their community and in the design of strategies to collect data, the development of interventions that will lead to the improvement of the specific issues being investigated, collaboration in the collection of data, participation in the data analysis including feedback on preliminary analyses, and dissemination of the final product to appropriate audiences.

    CUHP GirlEinstein’s Center for Urban Health Policy and Research has engaged in the initial process of identifying CBOs who share an interest in improving community health in a number of areas.

    If you are interested in learning more about our hospital-community-based research efforts, please contact Dr. Tina Phipps at or (215) 951-8137.