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Healthcare Proxy Initiative

  • In the US, ethical and legal guidelines support the overriding importance of individual decision-making in decisions about one's health.  Indeed, ensuring that an individual's preferences for medical care are respected is a paramount value in our society.  

    Healthcare proxies are documents that appoint a person to make decisions for you when you are unable to communicate yourself.  That person should know your wishes for medical treatments in the event your recovery is certain or uncertain. In Pennsylvania, healthcare proxies are identified in a document called the Durable Healthcare Power of Attorney (DHPOA). 

    We believe that Einstein can serve as a national model of good stewardship in this era of healthcare reform and judicious use of resources through the simple action of completing a healthcare proxy. Einstein would like to become the first hospital in the country where 100% of their hospital employee base has healthcare proxies.

    This form  is available for patients throughout our Network. It is the Durable Healthcare Power of Attorney for Pennsylvania. Please read the form so that you will understand the importance of appointing a healthcare agent regardless of your current health. If you do not live in Pennsylvania, similar forms are available for New Jersey  and Delaware . 

    Einstein's Center for Urban Health Policy and Research has been involved in initiatives that promote individual autonomy and ethical decision-making and identify innovations in healthcare delivery that engage individuals in improving their own health and well-being.  The Center will be heading up the Einstein Healthcare Proxy Initiative.