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Research Consultation

  • Consultation Services

    The Center's researchers are available to provide consultation in
    Outcomes Research and Evaluation and Qualitative Research.

    Consultation in Outcomes Research and Evaluation

    What is Outcomes Research and Evaluation?

    Outcomes Research and Evaluation provides evidence such as patient’s experiences, preferences, and satisfaction with the results of the treatments.

    Outcomes Research and Evaluation at the Center

    The Outcomes Research and Evaluation section of the Center for Urban Health Policy & Research offers expertise and consultation in quantitative methodology for research projects, policies, interventions, and/ or programs focused on minority health issues and health disparities.

    This includes:

    • Study Design
    • Methods and Measures
    • Database Development
    • Statistical Analysis

    Outcomes and evaluation measures of interest to the Center include, but are not limited to the following areas:

    • Quality of life and well-being
    • Physical health and functioning
    • Service utilization
    • Hospitalizations and ER visits
    • Knowledge and understanding
    • Patient satisfaction

    For further information, please contact Section head, Dr. Tina Harralson (

    Consultation in Qualitative Research

    What is Qualitative Research?

    Qualitative research has grown out of the social sciences, but it is a methodology that cuts across disciplines. Qualitative researchers use techniques such as observation, open-ended and semi-structured interviewing to gain a rich understanding of social and behavioral processes in their natural settings. The use of qualitative methods, either on their own or in combination with quantitative methods, enhances a researcher’s ability to address a research question more fully and to explore areas and assumptions in ways quantitative methods alone cannot.
    The Center offers a range of consultative services related to the design, conduct, and analysis of qualitative research. Our staff includes senior researchers with a social science background and years of experience with the collection, analysis, and interpretation of qualitative data. Methods include focus groups and both semi-structured and open-ended interview techniques. Consultation can take place at any and every stage of research, including study design, proposal writing, training of interviewers, development of interview guides, coding and analysis of data, and write-up. Our team is also experienced in the use of computer-assisted software for data analysis for management and analysis of qualitative data.

    Qualitative Research Design

    Many research questions are best answered by the inclusion of qualitative methods in the research design, whether through a purely qualitative research design or one that combines both quantitative and qualitative techniques. We can provide consultation in the earliest stages of a project or proposal by working with beginning researchers or those unfamiliar with qualitative methods in the design of a study, drafting of potential interview questions, and putting together a realistic budget and timeframe for qualitative research.

    Interviewer Training

    Our staff is experienced in training both senior investigators and junior members of a research team in the skills necessary to successfully conduct both semi-structured and open-ended interviews. Using videotaped practice interviews with simulated patients, we can train multiple members of a research team in qualitative interviewing techniques, including how to probe deeper into individual responses while staying within the confines of an interview guide.

    Development of Interview Guides

    The quality of data collected is only as good as the quality of the interview guide. We are available to consult at the earliest stages of research to develop interview guides for focus groups, semi-structured and open-ended interviews that will yield the best possible data. Consultation at this stage of a qualitative study ensures that subsequent stages of the research, including coding and analysis of transcripts, will proceed smoothly and successfully.

    Data Analysis and Write-up

    Methods for analysis of qualitative data can vary depending on the research design, research questions, and number of interviews or focus groups conducted. We provide consultation to individual researchers and teams in the process of theme identification, development and definitions of codes and codebooks, and establishing the reliability of codes. We specialize in the use of Atlas-ti, a computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software program, to organize and manage transcripts of focus groups and interviews and facilitate coding and analysis of qualitative data. We also provide consultation in the writing of research reports and manuscripts using qualitative data.

    Please direct all inquiries and consultation requests to Center for Urban Health Policy and Research