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Lifestyle Management

  • The Einstein Bariatrics team provides a complete lifestyle management program to help prepare you for surgery, and for your new life afterward.

    We offer individualized care and specialized state-of-the-art facilities all convenietly located in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, the heart of the Delaware Valley.

    Members of your lifestyle management team include:

    Registered Dietician
    Your long-term success depends on the development and maintenance of healthy eating habits. Our nutritionists and registered dieticians help you learn how to do so, with pre-surgery educational consultations and informative postoperative lectures.

    We realize losing weight is difficult: Fear and anxiety about your ability to adopt a healthier lifestyle is perfectly normal.

    Einstein Bariatrics has a weight loss psychology specialist who will help you make the transition. Our psychologist performs evaluations so that we can create your personal post-surgery plan of action. The psychologist also runs our support groups.

    Support from others involved in the process
    You may find it helpful to meet and talk with others who are going through, or have completed, our weight loss surgery process. Support group meets monthly. Call 215-663-6422 for dates and times.

    Einstein Bariatrics is designed to help you make informed decisions and offer you the support you need your long-term commitment toward weight loss.

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    Accreditation & Partnerships

    Accredited by the American College of Surgeons Bariatric Surgery Center Network

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