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    The Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia is proud to be one of only 14 new sites chosen in 2010 to be part of the National Cancer Institute Community Care Centers Program (NCCCP), a nationwide network dedicated to increasing access to cancer research and quality cancer care.

    Our participation in this prestigious program recognizes Einstein as a leader in cancer diagnosis, treatment and research.

    The NCCCP is using $40 million in funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to boost its number of community hospital-based sites from 16 to 30. The program is designed to increase community-based cancer care, with emphasis on minority and underserved populations.

    Funds from the NCCCP enable us to expand our ability to conduct research and provide compassionate high-quality healthcare to residents of the greater Philadelphia region.

    As participants in the NCCCP program we will:

    Reduce cancer health care disparities

    We are dedicating even greater resources to reduce inequalities of care in underserved communities and to improve access to cancer screening, treatment, and research.

    Increase participation in clinical trials

    More local residents can benefit from earlier phase trials, where promising cancer treatments are offered before they are made widely available to the general patient population.

    Enhance cancer survivorship and palliative care services

    As we increase outreach we also improve the patient experience by extending survivorship and palliative care services, to include psychosocial initiatives for cancer patients.

    Expand the use of electronic health records and connect to cancer research data network

    Einstein is working with other medical centers in the NCCCP program to build a stronger more efficient system to link cancer patients and researchers nationwide.

    For more information on the National Cancer Institute Community Cancer Center Program visit

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    NCCCP medium
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