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Work-Life Balance

  • Nurse Woman 9631Whether you’re managing a home, raising a family, building a career or caring for aging parents, Einstein does all it can to help you handle life’s pressures, such as offering flexible scheduling and employee support services.

    Flexible Scheduling
    Among the greatest advantages of Einstein nursing is the flexibility offered by creative scheduling. Full-time, part-time and weekend programs, casual and formal pools and a variety of shift options (four, eight or 12 hours) allow you to create a schedule that fits your lifestyle and helps you better manage competing priorities.

    Support Services
    To help you meet the demands of life outside work, so you can do your best while you're here, Einstein offers these employee support services:

    • Carebridge: A valuable resource and referral service, Carebridge helps you address issues related to childcare and eldercare, personal financial management, parenting, school options for your children, relocation, college planning, time and stress management, adoption guidance and more.