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Culture and Values

  • With humanity, humility and honor, to heal by providing exceptionally intelligent and responsive healthcare and education for as many as we can reach

    By 'with humanity' we mean...

    with humanness and benevolence

    with a modest view of our own importance

    By 'humility' we mean...

    with due esteem and reverence

    By 'honor' we mean...

    to restore physical and emotional integrity, bring into balance or provide comfort, whether for body, mind, spirit or community

    By 'heal' we mean...

    by relentlessly reaching for the most comprehensive and incisive knowledge

    By 'exceptionally intelligent' we mean...

    by anticipating needs and responding in a timely manner

    By 'responsive' we mean...

    those in the geographic and demographic communities that we serve PeopleClick Area.

    By 'as many as we can reach' we mean...

    our aspiration to shine in all that we do; to have exceptional intellectual clarity and grace; to uniquely comprehend, understand and benefit from experience.

    Our Vision

    Einstein Brilliance and Compassion In All We Touch

    By ‘Brilliance’ we mean...

    to treat with dignity and respect; to have a deep and human understanding of the feelings of others and a motivation to act to alleviate or reduce suffering.

    By ‘Compassion’ we mean...

    at every level of our being; the internal working relationships of the organization and the individuals, populations or communities with whom we live and interact.

    Few situations impose the intense vulnerability and dependency of illness; it is an honor and privilege to be let into someone’s life when they are so vulnerable and to assist in decision-making that has such extensive and profound consequences for our patients, their families and communities. We must always respect the privilege of being so intimately involved in the quality of health of our patients and act with a reverence for their circumstances. We must also show each other similar respect and honor the professionalism that we bring to the work every day. At Einstein, healing is the process by which we restore physical and emotional integrity to a patient’s life. It may not involve a ‘cure,’ but may simply be a bringing into balance or providing comfort, whether for body, mind, spirit or community.

    Our mission includes relentlessly reaching for the most comprehensive and incisive knowledge, whether related to science, problem solving or humanness. This may require looking outside your own fields of endeavor to find answers, or collaborating with a diverse group to seek new solutions.

    We see education – the seeking and imparting of knowledge – as critical to our mission of healing. Everyone in our Network should see themselves as both an educator and a lifelong learner, whether with peers, professionals or patients. Illness is a real-time phenomenon and healing is a time-limited phenomenon. Regardless of the outcomes desired – curing or comforting – it is essential that our operations be organized to anticipate needs – for a diagnostic test, a therapeutic intervention, a clean operating room, or napkins in the cafeteria – and to respond in a timely manner.

    By ‘In All We Touch’ we mean...

    Code of Conduct

    A Code of Conduct is a set of standards and ideals for professional behavior. It is designed to create a mutually beneficial culture where there is a foundation of reliability and trust. It anchors the organization to its fundamental commitments day-to-day and in times of crisis. The Code of Conduct is a true benchmark for how we behave and interact as a community. It is perpetual.

    Respect – Value Others

    • Appreciate the differences of each individual
    • Safeguard privacy and confidentiality
    • Seek the expertise and experience of others

    Empathy – Be With Them

    • Anticipate the needs of those we serve
    • Actively seek to understand people’s feelings and intentions
    • Show those we serve that they are not alone

    Responsibility – Watch, Listen, Act

    • Protect from harm
    • Use resources wisely
    • Explore opportunities embedded in conflict

    Affinity – Nurture Each Other

    • Mentor the growth, education, and development of others
    • Band together as a community
    • Find the humor that connects

    Integrity – Do Right

    • Keep our word
    • Listen to all sides of the story
    • Conduct ourselves with honesty and fairness