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Employee Testimonials

  • Einstein employee testimonialsWe attribute our success to our can-do attitude and spirit of teamwork. We attract a special kind of nurse – one who is drawn to our team environment, endless learning opportunities and the possibility of lifelong friendships ... one who is truly committed to our patients’ healthcare experience and enjoys the idea of making a difference in people’s lives.In return, we recognize and value the vital contributions our nurses make to our network and the impact they have on our patients and families. We know that nursing is a demanding, high-pressure job. We also recognize the challenge of juggling this important work with life outside of work. To support our nurses’ effectiveness at work and create balance in their lives, we are committed to making our nurses’ lives as stress-free as possible.

    Why do nurses choose to work at Einstein? Here’s what they told us!

    • "Nurses have a big voice when it comes to directing patient care. Nursing and physician collaboration is awesome here and I have great managers!"
    • "My team - the dedicated individuals caring for patients with compassion and a keen focus on patient safety working together throughout a shift. They are the unsung heroes, and why I am most proud to be part of this Einstein."
    • "Helping patients and families find hope and adapt to their unfortunate situations by delivering efficient medical care as a team."
    • "I make a difference to people every day."
    • "I’m respected as a professional."
    • "The people here are great as coworkers, and I’ve made good friends."
    • "People here work as a team; we help each other when the pressure’s on, and together we make things work."
    • "I’m juggling my work and family all the time. Thank goodness, my manager helps me keep my balance."
    • "I influence my schedule. My manager does all she can to meet my needs."
    • "This place is a haven for learning. I love that."
    • "I like knowing I’m part of a stable, successful healthcare system."

    Our nurses choose to stay at Einstein year after year for these reasons – and more. Are you ready to discover why nursing at Einstein is Nursing at Its Best SM? We hope so!

    Einstein Healthcare Network selects employees on the basis of skill, knowledge, values and experience. Our network seeks diversity on the basis of national origin, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, age and disability.