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  • Ramsey Dallal, MD

    Ramsey Dallal, MD has participated in and performed more than one thousand laparoscopic gastric bypass procedures. He maintains some of the lowest complication rates and some of the highest patient satisfaction rates in the country.

    He first became involved with bariatric surgery under the instruction of Harvey Sugerman, MD, one of the academic pioneers in open bariatric surgery and past president of the American Society of Bariatric Surgery. Dr. Dallal completed a surgical residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), which was one of the first programs in the country to perform the laparoscopic gastric bypass and the institution that has done more laparoscopic surgeries than almost anywhere in the world.

    Dr. Dallal trained in the techniques of bariatric surgery with the laparoscopic surgical team as the Mark Ravitch/Leon C. Hirsch fellow, then joined UPMC as a clinical instructor, training surgeons how to perform the laparoscopic gastric bypass and the Lap-Band® procedure.

    He joined Albert Einstein Healthcare Network in 2005 as a member of the Department of Surgery and the Director of Einstein Bariatrics, Einstein’s interdisciplinary, minimally- invasive surgical weight loss program.

    Dr. Dallal is a diplomat of the American Board of Surgery, a regular member of the American Society of Bariatric Surgeons (ASBS), a member of the North American Society for the Study of Obesity (NASSO) and a member of the Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES). He is a member of several committees of SAGES and the ASBS. He has published numerous papers on the subject of bariatric surgery.

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    Univ. of Pittsburgh Med. Ctr.

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  • Ramsey Dallal