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Clinical Sites

  • Geriatric Psychiatry - Clinical Sites

    Einstein Medical Center is a large Independent Academic Medical Center with many residency programs and many specialty units.  On this main campus are two inpatient psychiatry units: a general adult psychiatry unit and a geriatric psychiatry unit.  Because these units are part of a general hospital, the resident is able to learn to care for patients who have complex medical and psychiatric co-morbidities.  There is a very busy Consultation and Liaison Service on this site, allowing the resident to gain experience in such things as evaluation of decision-making capacity and of suitability for organ transplant.  One of our two outpatient psychiatry clinics is also on this site.  The outpatient center was recently renovated and offers excellent offices for both child and adult work.

    The Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment is a 147 bed private psychiatric hospital with many subspecialty units, including dual diagnosis, child, adolescent and eating disorders units.  At this site residents gain experience in subspecialty psychiatry.  This site also includes one of our two outpatient clinics.

    The Germantown Center includes our Adult and our Child Crisis Response Centers.  The Adult Crisis Response Center is very busy, and is a popular rotation with our residents, who feel they learn rapidly on this rotation.  The Child Crisis Response Center is the only one of its kind in the city, and is also very popular with the residents, especially those who plan to enter a Child and Adolescent Fellowship.  Also located on the Germantown Campus is the Long Term Structured Residence, where adults with chronic and persistent mental illness are treated.  This rotation gives residents the opportunity to learn more about behavioral techniques, complex medication management and other aspects of caring for the chronically mentally ill

    All clinical sites are a short drive from one another.  Most residents chose centrally located housing and report they have a 20 minute commute or less each day.