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  • Obstetrics/Gynecology - Curriculum

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    PGY IPGY IIPGY IIIPGY IV/Chief Rotations
    Emergency Medicine - 1 monthReproductive Endocrinology & Infertility - 1 monthGynecologic Oncology at Fox Chase Cancer Center - 1 monthsMaternal - Fetal Medicine
    3 months
    Medical Intensive Care Unit - 1 monthMaternal Fetal Medicine - 1 monthMaternal Fetal Medicine - 
    1 month
    Gynecology and Gynecologic Oncology - 3 months
    Triage and Ultrasound - 
    1 month
    Einstein Montgomery -
    2 months
    Clinic - 1 month 
    Obstetrics - 3 monthsObstetrics - 3 monthsObstetrics - 3 monthsObstetrics - 3 months
    Gynecology - 3 monthsGynecology - 3 monthsGynecology - 3 monthsGynecology and Gynecologic
    3 months
    Night Float - 3 monthsNight Float - 3 monthsNight Float - 3 monthsNight Float - 3 months


    Duty Hours and Night Float

    • Call scheduled no more than every third night, averaged over four weeks
    • One (24-hour) day in seven free of patient care, averaged over four weeks
    • Limit of 80 duty hours per week, averaged over four weeks
    • 24-hour limit on continuous duty, up to 6 hours for transfer, debriefing, didactic activities
    • A 10-hour minimum rest between duty periods

    PGY 1 Schedule

    When the intern is scheduled to be on Friday night there will be no work responsibility Friday until 1800 at which time the intern will report for a 12 hour shift. When an intern is on Saturday the shift will be split into two 12 hour blocks. An intern can expect to have one full weekend off per month.

    DayDayDayDayDayDayOff 12 Hrs12 Hr
    NightNightNightNightNightNight12 Hr

    On Call Coverage PGY2-4

    Night Float Team 6:30 pm to 6:00 am
    Day Team  6:00 am to 6:30 pm

    DayDayDayDayDayDay24 Hr24 Hr


    Rotations | Conferences | Research | Ambulatory Care | Top


    Our Three Major Scheduled Educational Opportunities

    These sessions comprise the organized educational opportunities for residents. Substantial effort is expended to be certain the major learning objectives for residents (the “CREOG Objectives and ACGME Competencies) are addressed with high quality offerings.

    Grand Rounds

    • Grand Rounds are the academic focus point for the entire Department, held every Wednesday morning, September through June at 7:15 to 8:15 am, except for the eight Wednesdays which are reserved for the Einstein Institutional Curriculum Series. Speakers are invited from the ranks of nationally recognized scholars in medicine, nursing, business, and other disciplines as well as from our own Einstein faculty. The rounds are open to the entire Einstein community and carry one hour’s CME credit for physicians.

    Tuesday and Thursday Morning Academic Program

    Tuesday: Two 45-minute sessions

    • Session One 7:00 am - 7:45 am
    • Session Two 7:45 am - 8:30 am

    Thursday: One 45-minute session

    • Session One 7:00 am - 7:45 am 
    • Morning Report follows from 7:45-8:30 am

    • In July, August, and September, the FUNDAMENTALS LECTURE SERIES is presented: general material reviewing basics of OBGYN and Primary and Preventive Care. The intent of this program is to provide the basic framework for our educational series for our incoming interns and to provide a review for our more senior residents.
    • October through June, the ACADEMIC LECTURE SERIES consist of:
      • Professionalism
      • CREOG review 
      • Ambulatory gynecology
      • Green Journal Practice Issues
      • Common dilemmas in the office
      • Chapter Review
      • Common Procedures, the evidence and the science
      • Evidence based medicine
      • Primary care 
      • Operative Gynecology

    Morning Report

    • Morning report is held each Monday, Thursday and Friday and is attended by the Chairman and Program Director and other attending physicians as their schedules permit.
    • Morning Report is the focus of active training in evidence based practice, providing residents the opportunity to:
      • Develop the ability to relate clinical information needed to care for patients
      • Understand the importance of a complete history and physical
      • Be able to develop a differential diagnosis based on history and physical examination
      • Learn the appropriate tests needed to refine diagnoses such that a therapeutic plan can be developed
      • Discuss alternative approaches of management
      • Learn standard therapies and then be able to justify deviations from standard based on clinical situations unique to each patient
      • Review recent literature relating to the disease process
      • Review the pathophysiology of the disease process


    Rotations | Conferences | Research | Ambulatory Care | Top


    Residents are required to produce one scholarly product of publishable quality during residency.

    Rotations | Conferences | Research | Ambulatory Care | Top

    Ambulatory Care:

    Paley OBGYN:

    Paley OBGYN is the office practice of the resident obstetrician-gynecologists of the Department of OBGYN and is a full service primary women’s health/obstetrics and gynecology office. Each resident has a continuity office one half-day per week (except when on Nights), following a patient panel over all four years of training. PGY I residents team with a PGY IV resident for initial intensive work in office skills.. There are also specialty care clinics in Maternal-Fetal Medicine and colposcopy.

    Dr. Philip Horn is our Medical Director of the Paley office. He works closely with the residents, the office manager and staff to ensure the best practice learning environment for the residents as well as consistently maintaining and upholding the highest standards of patient care and safety. Paley OBGYN uses an electronic medical record (digiChart), a relational medical records system that imports most laboratory data directly from laboratories and our department’s antepartum testing unit.

    Care is structured in 10 half-day office sessions per week with the following schedule:

    MondayHigh Risk OB Clinic - PGY IV on MFM and other OB residentsContinuity Office of PGY IV GYN Resident (with PGY I partner)
    TuesdayContinuity Office of PGY III Resident at Fox Chase Cancer CenterContinuity offices of PGY II Resident on REI Rotation and PGY III GYN Resident
    WednesdayContinuity Office of PGY IV OB Resident (with PGY I Partner)High Risk OB Clinic - PGY IV on MFM and other OB residents
    ThursdayHigh Risk OB Clinic - PGY IV on MFM and other OB residents Colposcopy ClinicContinuity Office of PGY II OB Resident
    FridayContinuity OfficesContinuity Offices