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  • Leadership

    • Matilde Irigoyen
      • Matilde Irigoyen, MD
      • Title: Chairman, Pediatrics
      • Message
      • The Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine at Einstein Medical Center is committed to providing excellent care for infants, children and adolescents in need of primary, subspecialty, inpatient or outpatient care. The department’s focus is largely primary care for those in the surrounding neighborhoods and subspecialty care for patients throughout North, Northeast and Northwest Philadelphia. Patient care service is contemporary in technical expertise and provided through a compassionate family-oriented model.
        Our department continues a long tradition of over 50 years of teaching medical students and pediatric residents and regularly contributes to new medical knowledge through research sponsored by various groups including the Albert Einstein Society and federal government agencies. The Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine is strongly committed to the patient community it serves through Einstein Community Health Associates, our primary care network, and to our graduating pediatric residents for employment opportunities in pediatrics.

        In 2003, an innovative collaborative patient care model for clinical services was developed with St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. The "Einstein Inpatient Unit" is housed and operates at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children under the direction of Einstein faculty.  Einstein residents complete their inpatient rotations on this Einstein service and are supervised by our pediatric faculty.  In addition, subspecialty physicians from St. Christopher's Hospital for Children complement our department’s array of subspecialties. The combination of clinical resources from Einstein Medical Center, Einstein Community Health Associates and St. Christopher's Hospital for Children provides our resident physicians with rich opportunities for clinical experience and education.

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    • Dr. Robert Wimmer
      • Robert S. Wimmer, MD
      • Title: Program Director, Pediatrics
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    • Cynthia DeLago
      • Cynthia W. DeLago, MD, MPH
      • Title: Associate Program Director, Director of the Ambulatory Care Center
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    • Dr. Morgan Leafe
      • Morgan Leafe,
      • Title: Associate Program Director, Director of the Einstein Refugee Clinic
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    • Imeline Troncales
      • Imeline Howard Troncales, MD
      • Title: Chief Resident, Pediatrics
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    • defaultFactulyandResident
      • Mayssa Abuali, MD
    • Kelly Bethea
      • Kelly Bethea, MD
    • Dr. Robert Bonner
      • Robert Bonner, MD
    • defaultFactulyandResident
      • Gail Cameron, MD
    • Dr. Shyamali Godbole
      • Shyamali Godbole, MD
    • Michael  Janeczko
      • Michael J. Janeczko, MD
    • Barbara Kelly
      • Barbara A. Kelly, MD
    • defaultFactulyandResident
      • Susan Leib, MD
    • Clarice Robinson
      • Clarice A. Robinson, MD
    • Dr. Agnes Salvadore
      • Agnes S. Salvador, MD
    • Alan Schindler
      • Alan M. Schindler, MD
    • Adele Schneider
      • Adele S. Schneider, MD
    • David Schutzman
      • David L. Schutzman, MD
    • Neil Tran
      • Neil N. Tran, MD