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  • Conferences

    All surgical house officers must attend major surgical teaching conferences, meetings and lectures, including:

    Chairman's Management Conference

    Biweekly, in-depth discussion of a specific clinical problem among surgical residents moderated by Dr. Simms.

    Surgical Case Review Conference

    Weekly teaching conference, morbidity and mortality review.

    Core Curriculum/Basic Science Lecture Series

    Key element in the educational program. Employs surgical and basic science texts.  Conference held on a weekly basis.

    Selected Readings Conference

    Monthly meeting for residents beyond the first-year level, using selected readings in general surgery and supervised by the attending staff.

    Chief Resident's Conference

    Monthly conference moderated by the department chairman with interesting case presentations by senior residents.

    Journal Club Conference

    Monthly conference moderated by an attending surgeon for residents at the third-year level or above.

    Resident Grand Rounds

    Biweekly, each categorical resident is assigned to present along with an attending sponsor.

    Trauma Conference

    Biweekly, multidisciplinary conference discussing current case management, reviewing protocols and featuring didactic presentations from house staff and attending physicians.

    Optional Conferences

    Optional conferences include Transplantation Conference, Tumor Board, and specific cancer conferences in breast, gastrointestinal, pulmonary, head and neck cancers and melanoma. Vascular conference also takes place regularly. The department provides financial support for residents above the first-year level to attend one major surgical meeting per year. The department offers stipends for all residents to attend meetings at which they present papers.