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Simulation at the Center for Clinical Competency

  • The Einstein Center for Clinical Competency features state-of-the-art medical simulation technology to enhance the quality of training for residents, nurses and technicians.

    The center reproduces realistic scenarios for various hospital environments, including an intensive care unit, a surgical suite, an obstetrics delivery area and a typical patient room.  These simulated environments give students the opportunity to practice clinical and teamwork skills, in a safe controlled setting, which ultimately improves patient safety.


    The mission of the Einstein Center for Clinical Competency is to employ innovative teaching tools and strategies to enhance the learning experience for healthcare professionals, improve patient safety, and promote discovery through research and the application of evidence-based medicine.

    A high-tech facility for learning clinical competency

    The Center features several high-tech mannequins that accurately depict physiological states and responses.  SimMan 3G moans, blinks, bleeds, coughs, sweats and reacts to drugs. SimNewB has real pulse points, a life-like umbilical cord, and lips that turn blue to mimic hypoxia.

    These mannequins and other simulation tools are used in scenarios that range from testing basic psychomotor skills to responding to complex emergency critical care situations.  Students practice with the mannequins, often in multidisciplinary teams, to reenact what might actually happen in a real patient situation.
    From behind one-way glass, the Center’s control room operator can initiate scenarios and record -- using real-time audio and video -- all the activity in the simulation suites. The recordings can be reviewed later for debriefing and educational evaluations and may also serve as an archival record of an individual’s competencies.

    Providing hands-on experience for varied educational purposes

    The Center for Clinical Competency is an example of how Einstein’s Office of Academic Affairs continually seeks to improve the learning experience, enabling students to keep pace with advanced best practices in medical education.

    In addition to state-of-the-art technology, this facility offers a large classroom with a projector and video screen, a multi-purpose conference room and a comfortable lounge area, all in an attractive contemporary setting.

    Einstein’s first-year residents may use the Simulation Center to achieve competency levels before treating patients; the number of hours spent in the Center varies by program.

    Surgical residents are able to practice laparoscopic techniques while watching an A/V screen, just as they would in an operating room.

    Additionally, the Center is available to local medical training hospitals and community emergency service groups such as police, firefighters and paramedics.