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  • Leadership

    • H. Hank Simms MD
      • H. Hank Simms, MD, FACS
      • Title: Chairman of the Department of Surgery
      • Message
      • Welcome to Einstein Medical Center's General Surgery Residency web site. Our program in general surgery is a five-year nonpyramidal residency. The fifth year incorporates a full range of senior responsibilities with considerable independence. Throughout the program, there is sufficient flexibility to meet the specific needs and interests of individual trainees. Opportunities for both clinical and basic research are available throughout the program. We also offer one- and two-year programs in preliminary surgery as well as a multiorgan transplant fellowship.
        The general surgery program offers core rotations in general surgery and all of the surgical subspecialties. An outside-institution, one-month elective may be available to fourth-year residents. Residents receive ample clinical and didactic teaching by a dedicated full-time faculty and highly active voluntary staff.
        The goal of the general surgery residency program at Einstein Medical Center is to produce highly competent surgeons who are able to pursue either clinical or academic careers. All of our teaching efforts are directed to this endeavor. I would encourage you to consider Einstein Medical Center for your surgical training. As you browse our web site, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
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    • Amit Joshi, MD
      • Amit R. Joshi, MD, FACS
      • Title: Program Director
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    • Nyali Taylor
      • Nyali Taylor, MD
      • Title: Associate Program Director


    • Stalin Campos
      • Stalin Campos, MD
    • Rashad G. Choudry
      • Rashad G. Choudry, MD
    • Patrick Cooper
      • Patrick B. Cooper, MD
    • Samuel  Critides
      • Samuel D. Critides, MD
    • Ramsey Dallal, MD
      • Ramsey M. Dallal, MD
    • Richard Greenberg
      • Richard H. Greenberg, MD
      • Title: Director, Preliminary Surgery
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    • Jihan Hegazy, MD
      • Jihan Hegazy, MD
    • Lisa Jablon, MD
      • Lisa K. Jablon, MD
    • Lori Jardines, MD
      • Lori A. Jardines, MD
    • Doraid Jarrar, MD
      • Doraid Jarrar, MD
    • Mark Kaplan
      • Mark J. Kaplan, MD
      • Title: Associate Chairman, General Surgery
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    • Kamran Khanmoradi
      • Kamran Khanmoradi, MD
      • Title: Program Director, Section Chief for the Pancreas Transplant Program
    • Mark Kotapka, MD
      • Mark J. Kotapka, MD
    • Robert Schiowitz
      • Robert F. Schiowitz, MD
    • Robert W. Solit, MD
      • Robert W. Solit, MD
    • Robert Somers
      • Robert G. Somers, MD
    • Ian Soriano
      • Ian Soriano, MD
    • Paul Steerman
      • Paul H. Steerman, MD
    • Jay Strain
      • Jay J. Strain, MD
    • Ronit Sugar
      • Ronit Z. Sugar, MD
    • Jeffery Tomlin
      • Jeffery M. Tomlin, MD
    • Alfred Trang
      • Alfred C. Trang, MD
    • Stephan Whitenack
      • Stephan H. Whitenack, MD
    • Radi Zaki
      • Radi F. Zaki, MD
      • Title: Chairman, Division of Transplantation
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    A General Surgery resident shares her experience and explains how her expectations have been met through her first two years within Einstein Medical Center's Department of Surgery Residency.


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