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  • Categorical Residents (2013-2014)

    PGY-5 (Chief Residents) 
    Nadia Awad, MD
    Flora Lee, MD 

    John Henry Pang, MD
    Susan Kartiko, MD
    Heidi Miller, MD
    Stephanie Sea, MD 

    Luanne Force, MD
    Farah Karipineni, MD
    Katarzyna Wolanin, MD

    Talitha Brown, MD
    Lawrence Cetrulo, MD
    Geoffrey Garst, MD 

    Alisan Fathalizadeh, MD
    Kevin Nguyen, MD
    Cynthia Yabar, MD

    Career Paths of Program Graduates

    Thoracic Surgery Fellowship, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital/Harvard
    Vascular Fellowship, University of Southern Illinois
    Colorectal/MIS Fellowship, Houston Colorectal Surgical Associates

    Cardiothoracic Surgery, Allegheny General Hospital
    Breast Surgery Fellowship, USC
    Private Practice, Illinois

    Acute Care Surgery Fellowship, Wake Forest University
    Private Practice, Pennsylvania
    Private Practice, Pennsylvania

    Plastic Surgery, Cooper Hospital
    Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship, Hershey Medical Center
    Trauma/Critical Care Fellowship, Wake Forest University

    Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship, Johns Hopkins
    Colorectal Fellowship, Lehigh Valley
    Microvascular Fellowship, Univ. of Mississippi

    Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship, Johns Hopkins
    Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship, Virginia Commonwealth University
    Vascular Fellowship, Allegheny General Hospital

    Multi-Organ Transplantation Fellowship, Einstein Philadelphia
    Multi-Organ Transplantation Fellowship, Einstein Philadelphia


    Life in Philadelphia 

    Philadelphia is the 5th largest city in the US, with about 1.5 million inhabitants.  The general metropolitan area comprises 6 million people.  The city ranks ninth worldwide and fourth nationwide in municipal gross domestic product.  Once a center of manufacturing, the local economy has been shifting to one based on information technology, service, and healthcare.  Philadelphia is home to Fairmount Park, the largest landscaped urban park in the world. It has a world-class symphony orchestra, numerous art museums, and many monuments to the founding of the republic.  The nation’s first hospital and zoo were founded here.  The city has the 2nd-largest concentration of students nationwide with three major research universities and five schools of medicine. 

    It has several professional sports teams including the Eagles, the Phillies, the Flyers, and the 76ers.  Its restaurants are world-class and its entertainment options are vibrant.  

    Philadelphia is a two-hour drive from New York and Baltimore, and three hours from Washington, D.C.  It has a large airport with numerous international connections, and a busy rail-transport center.



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    A General Surgery resident shares her experience and explains how her expectations have been met through her first two years within Einstein Medical Center's Department of Surgery Residency.


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