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    • Screen for Nineteen Screening for Jewish Genetic Diseases


      10:00 am - 03:00 pm

      One in four Jewish people is a carrier for at least one of 19 Jewish genetic diseases, and while the disease does not affect carriers themselves, two carriers of the same disease have a 25 percent chance with each pregnancy of having an affected child. Pre-conception screening provides people with helpful information about their status as a carrier of a Jewish genetic disease.

      All it takes is a simple blood test, which is the most comprehensive means of screening for all 19 diseases. If you are Jewish, if you have even one Jewish grandparent, in an interfaith relationship, straight or gay and between the ages of 18–44 and planning on having children, you should get screened.


      We request all patients to register here


      $25 with insurance and $350 without insurance per person.


      Marketplace Design Center
      2400 Market Street
      Philadelphia, PA 19103
      Get directions.