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Genetic Screening and Services

  • Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia offers genetic testing as part of a full range of services. Einstein is the only healthcare network in the Philadelphia region to offer prenatal, pediatric, adult and cancer genetics services in one location.

    In addition, Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia was the first hospital in the area to initiate and create a Jewish Genetic Disease Screening Program. Housed in the Victor Center for Jewish Genetic Diseases, the program offers ongoing community outreach and education.

    Our Programs

    Jewish Genetic Diseases
    Through the Ashkenazi Jewish Genetic Screening Program, Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia provides information on eight genetic conditions and how to obtain carrier screening and genetic counseling.

    Tay-Sachs Disease
    A new Einstein study screens for this fatal neurodegenerative disease in people who have at least three grandparents of Irish descent.

    Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment Program
    Einstein Cancer Center provides genetic counseling for cancer patients and their families.


    Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia
    5501 Old York Road
    Levy 2 West
    Philadelphia, PA 19141
    Phone: 215-456-8722
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    Einstein Medical Center Montgomery 
    559 West Germantown Pike
    East Norriton, PA 19403
    Phone: 877-401-1093
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    Accreditation & Partnerships

    Victor Center Philadelphia

    The Victor Center for Jewish Genetic Diseases

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    Irish Tay-Sachs Disease
    Tay-Sachs Disease is a neurodegenerative disease that causes nerves to stop functioning and shortens the life span of affected children to five years or less. Our physicians discuss how the mutation occurs in certain populations and why people of Irish descent should be screened before having children.
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