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Physicians and Staff

  • Adele Schneider, MD
    Director Clinical Genetics
    Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia

    schneider8398Adele Schneider, MD, and the Genetics Team, provide a wide range of genetic services, including evaluations of infants, children and adults suspected of having developmental or physical problems with a genetic cause. The Team specializes in Ashkenazi Jewish genetic diseases, providing genetic counseling and carrier screening for at-risk individuals. Dr. Schneider is internationally renowned for her research on anophthalmia and microphthalmia – birth defects in which children are born without eyes or with very small eyes – and for establishing an international registry, gene-screening program, and support group for this disease.

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    Genetic Counselors

    Tanya M. Bardakjian, MS, CGC
    Certified Genetic Counselor
    Coordinator, Anophthalmia/Microphthalmia Research Program
    Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia

    tanya18165Tanya Bardakjian, MS, CGC, coordinates an international DNA and Clinical Research Program for anophthalmia and microphthalmia, two rare eye disorders. She has presented numerous abstracts and posters on these conditions at educational conferences.

    Ms. Bardakjian has over 12 years experience as a genetic counselor. She has provided genetic risk assessment and counseling to numerous families for a wide range of indications, including prenatal and preconception concerns, pediatric evaluations, and breast/ovarian cancer histories.

    Jennifer L. Berkowitz, MS, CGC
    Certified Genetic Counselor
    Coordinator, Newborn Screen Follow-Up Program
    Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia

     jennifer18166Jennifer L. Berkowitz, MS, provides pediatric genetic counseling services to individuals with a personal or family history of developmental delay, birth defects, medical conditions and/or physical differences with a suspected genetic origin. Ms. Berkowitz also provides genetic counseling services for the Multidisciplinary Assessment Program, which is designed to evaluate children with suspected Autism Spectrum Disorder. She also coordinates the Newborn Screening Follow-up Program and provides prenatal and cancer genetic counseling services.

    Darnelle L. Dorsainville, MS, CGC
    Certified Genetic Counselor
    Coordinator of the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Program
    Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia

    darnelle18167Darnelle Dorsainville, MS, provides prenatal and preconception genetic counseling services to individuals and couples concerned about potential risks to their unborn child. She coordinates genetic risk assessment and counseling programs for personal and/or family histories of breast and ovarian cancer, and provides pediatric genetic counseling services.

    Faye L. Shapiro, MS, CGC
    Certified Genetic Counselor
    Victor Center for Jewish Genetic Diseases
    Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia

    faye15847Faye Shapiro, MS, CGC, is a board-certified genetic counselor with over 15 years experience. As the genetic counselor for the Victor Center for Jewish Genetic Diseases, she provides genetic counseling for Ashkenazi Jewish genetic diseases to students, newlywed couples and other patients. Ms. Shapiro provides follow-up counseling and support for those found to be carriers. Along with Dr. Adele Schneider and other genetic counselors, Ms. Shapiro also provides prenatal pediatric and cancer genetic counseling.

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    Accreditation & Partnerships

    Victor Center Philadelphia

    The Victor Center for Jewish Genetic Diseases

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