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Prenatal Genetic Counseling Services

  • Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia's team of geneticists and genetic counselors can help you make informed decisions about starting a family or continuing a pregnancy. They can also help you prepare for the birth of a child with special needs.

    Geneticists are doctors who specialize in identifying and treating genetic–or inherited–medical diseases and disorders. Genetic counselors are specially trained professionals with master's degrees in genetic counseling. Working closely with geneticists, genetic counselors translate complex scientific genetic information into practical knowledge for individuals and families.

    At Einstein, our genetics team helps families make informed medical decisions and plans regarding genetic test results, diagnosis of a problem during pregnancy or the birth of a baby with special needs.

    Genetic counseling is especially helpful for:

    • Parents of children with special needs.
    • Individuals with a family history of developmental delay or mental retardation.
    • Women over age 34 who are pregnant or considering it.
    • Pregnant women with abnormal ultrasound findings or test results.
    • Couples who have had more than two miscarriages.
    • Individuals with known family histories of genetic disorders such as Huntington disease, cystic fibrosis or sickle cell anemia.

    For more information, or to schedule an appointment with a genetic counselor, call 1-800-EINSTEIN.

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    Victor Center Philadelphia

    The Victor Center for Jewish Genetic Diseases

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