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Women's Screening Checklist

  • When detected early, many diseases can be cured or successfully managed. Your primary care physician can work with you to make sure you get the proper screenings. Primary care doctors include internists, family practice doctors, gynecologists and geriatricians.

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    Screening Guidelines for Women Over Age 62

    Disease/Illness   Screening Test   How Often  
    Heart Disease   Blood Pressure Screening With every checkup, at least yearly
    Cholesterol Screening Once every five years until age 75
    Diabetes   Fasting Plasma
    Glucose Test
    Once every three years
    Thyroid   TSH Blood Test Periodically as directed by your doctor
    Colon Cancer   Fecal Occult Blood Test Yearly
    Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) Every five years
    Colonoscopy or Barium Enema
    Every five years

    Every five to 10 years
    Vision   Glaucoma Screening Yearly
    Influenza   Flu Shot Yearly
    Pneumonia   Vaccine Once at age 65
    Tetanus and Diphtheria   Vaccine Booster shot every 10 years
    Breast Cancer   Breast Self-Exam Monthly
    Clinical Breast Exam Yearly by your doctor
    Mammogram Every one to two years as directed by your doctor
    Cervical Cancer   Pap Smear Every one to three years as directed by your doctor
    Osteoporosis   Bone Mineral Density Scans Periodically after menopause

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