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Palliative Care

  • Palliative care is complex symptom management regardless of prognosis or Goals of Care discussion. It is designed to treat pain and other symptoms associated with serious illnesses at any point during an illness.

    Palliative care expands traditional medical treatments by:

    • Enhancing quality of life
    • Combining treatment with curative therapies
    • Optimizing function
    • Assisting with decision-making

    Einstein Montgomery Palliative Care's services are for patients who are seriously ill or faced with chronic health problems, such as:

    • Symptoms associated with cancer, advanced heart, lung, liver, kidney, vascular or neurological diseases
    • Uncontrolled pain or pain that is difficult to manage

    Starting Palliative Care

    To use our palliative care services consult your physician, or call:

    Our palliative care team will assess your medical history, current care plan and you and your family’s needs and goals. We will discuss our recommendations with your physician so appropriate changes can be made to your care if needed.

    Palliative care can be delivered anywhere: at home, in a nursing home, in an assisted living facility or in the hospital.

    Our staff will work in conjunction with your physician to monitor your treatment. Members of our palliative care team include:

    • Nurse practitioners
    • Social workers

    Our palliative care services include:

    • Pain Management to identify the source of pain and ways to alleviate and control it
    • Symptom Management to relieve symptoms such as difficulty breathing, fatigue and weakness, nausea, loss of appetite, depression and anxiety through the use of medicines or other therapies. We also provide you and your family with education about the disease process and expected outcomes
    • Decision Making to help you obtain knowledge in order to understand your condition, prognosis and make informed decisions about your treatment options and goals of care
    • Emotional and Spiritual Support. We take a holistic approach because coping with symptoms of advanced illness impacts you physically and psychologically
    • Family Support. We can assist your family in arranging additional services to provide care for you by providing:
    • Assistance with advanced directives, DNR orders and living wills
    • Counseling and crisis intervention for you and your family
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