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Integrative Medicine

  • Integrative Medicine focuses on the whole person and makes use of many types of treatments to achieve optimal health and healing.

    Collegeville Integrative Medicine and Primary Care Practice offers integrative medicine care for your family. Many aspects of the patient’s lifestyle are taken into consideration during initial evaluation, including diet, physical activity, environment and spirituality.

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    Integrative medicine combines conventional and alternative medicine to provide the following services:

    • Standard screening tests for cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose, breast cancer, fall prevention, osteoporosis, colon cancer and more
    • Counseling on the safe use of herbal and dietary supplements
    • Mind-body techniques for stress reduction
    • Nutritional approaches to healthy living
    • Assessment on whether a health issue is critical

    Who We Treat

    Integrative medicine is suitable treatment for adults with:

    • Irritable bowel system (IBS)
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Obesity
    • Metabolic syndrome
    • Diabetes
    • Hypertension
    • Chronic illness
    • Motivation to advocate for their own health


    Einstein Healthcare Network Collegeville
    Providence Town Center
    100 Market Street
    Collegeville, PA 19426
    Phone: 484-622-6400
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    Integrative medicine differs from conventional medicine in that it focuses on:

    • Partnership between patient and doctor for personalized care
    • Emphasis on health-focused practices instead of disease-driven medicine
    • Respect for the body's innate healing response
    • Use of natural, less invasive interventions if possible and appropriate
    • Consideration of all factors that influence health, wellness and disease, including body, mind, spirit and community
    • Neither rejection of conventional medicine nor acceptance of alternative medicine uncritically
    • Recognition that good medicine is based in science and is open to new paradigms


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