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After-Surgery Care

  • post-surgery care nurse

    Following your transplant, we will help you schedule periodic check-ups with your nephrologist and transplant surgeon to ensure you are stable and progressing.

    Support services from the transplant coordinator, social worker and financial counselor are available as needed.

    Creating Your Medication Schedule

    After the transplant your doctor may prescribe drugs, called immunosuppressants. The transplant coordinator will explain all of your medications and prepare a helpful list for you to use.

    Counseling Services Help You Adjust to Life After Surgery

    A kidney transplant is a major procedure that can create high levels of stress. Counseling services are recommended to help you adjust to life at home and return to work or school.

    Support Services for You and Your Family

    Einstein offers a variety of support programs to help both you and your family learn about issues related to the kidney transplant process.

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