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Physicians and Staff

  • Einstein's kidney transplant program offers you the care and guidance of a full team of specialists that works in close collaboration, ensuring your absolute best outcome.

    Throughout the course of your treatment you will get to know and form trusting relationships with the members of your Einstein transplant team.

    Nephrologists identify the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease and hypertension. They also contribute to your care before and after transplantation.

    Gitana Bradauskaite, MD

    Transplant Surgeons perform the procedure to replace your non-functioning kidney with the working kidney from a donor.

    Radi F. Zaki, MD
    Kamran Khanmoradi, MD
    Stalin Campos, MD
    Hitesh Kaul, MD

    Transplant Coordinators play a major role in your continuity of care and serve as your "point person" through the transplant process from the time of admission into the program, through long-term follow-up after the transplant. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer emergency questions.

    Psychiatrists perform evaluations to ensure you are in good psychological health to undergo a transplant and provide support as needed.

    Clinical Pharmacists provide information on the crucial role of your medications.

    Social Workers offer social and emotional support to you, living donors and family members. Your social worker will answer questions, address concerns and provide additional resources as needed.

    Tissue Typers conduct tests to match you with the best possible donor organ.

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