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Support Groups

  • Einstein offers a variety of support to help you learn about and deal with issues related to the kidney transplant process.

    Program for Patients Waiting for a Transplant

    Einstein's Buddy Program provides comfort while you're waiting for a compatible donor. We match you with someone who has been through the transplant process. This person is a helpful resource to turn to with questions and concerns.

    Support Group Meetings for Before and After Transplant

    Einstein offers monthly support group sessions before and after transplant to help you cope with pressures related to the entire transplant process.

    Monthly Kidney Disease Educational Sessions

    Our Chronic Kidney Disease Program is held the fourth Tuesday of each month. Led by a kidney patient educator, the program reviews information about kidney diseases, treatment options, dietary management and other issues related to kidney disease.

    Daylong Educational Workshops

    Twice a year, in the spring and fall, we invite you and your family to a free, daylong educational program on kidney disease. Attendees can get to know other patients and families and learn about the latest treatments for kidney disease from Einstein nephrologists, transplant surgeons, nurses, social workers and dietitians.

    Einstein Participates in Transplant Community Events

    Einstein's Kidney Transplant Program stays involved with you, your family members and the transplant community through the Gift of Life Donor Program's Annual Transplant Walk/Run. We sponsor a team for the event.

    Einstein participates in the Transplant Olympics for transplant recipients, also organized by Gift of Life, and the Kidney Walk, sponsored by the Delaware Valley Chapter of the National Kidney Foundation.

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