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  • Einstein's liver transplant program offers you a full team of specialists that works in close collaboration and meets weekly to discuss test results to ensure your best outcome.

    Throughout the course of your treatment you will get to know and form trusting relationships with your Philadelphia-based liver specialists and the entire Einstein transplant team.

    Hepatologists are experts in diseases of the liver. Your hepatologist will meet with you to confirm your need for a liver transplant.

    Victor J. Navarro, MD
    Simona Rossi, MD
    Eyob L. Feyssa, MD, MPH, FACP

    Transplant Surgeons perform the transplant surgery. Your transplant surgeon will discuss the procedure, including risks and benefits. The surgical team manages your post-transplant recovery for the first several months after your surgery, after which time your hepatologist will resume managing your care.

    Radi R. Zaki, MD
    Hitesh Kaul, MD
    Kamran Khanmoradi, MD
    Stalin Campos, MD  

    Medical Oncologists specialize in treating cancer with chemotherapy.

    Gabor Varadi, MD
    John C. Leighton, Jr., MD
    William Tester, MD, FACP  

    Radiologists have special training in the use of diagnostic imaging such as CT, MRI, PET and ultrasound to image body tissues and treat disease.

    Terence A.S. Matalon, MD, FACR, FSIR
    Mindy M. Horrow, MD, FACR, FSRIU
    Cheryl L. Kirby, MD
    Shuchi K. Rodgers, MD
    Igor Goykham, DO
    Ryan J. Smith, MD
    Peter Wang, MD

    Interventional Radiologists specialize in performing minimally invasive procedures using image guidance for diagnosis and treatment of arterial and vascular disease, liver tumors, portal hypertension, biopsies and other problems associated with liver disease.

    Terence A.S. Matalon, MD, FACR, FSIR
    Paul S. Brady, MD  
    William O'Connell, MD

    Transplant Coordinators play a major role in your continuity of care and serve as your point person throughout the transplant process, from your admission into the program through long-term follow-up after the transplant. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer emergency questions.

    Social Workers offer emotional support to you and your family members. Your social worker will answer questions, address your concerns and connect you to additional resources as necessary.

    Did you know you can list with multiple transplant centers?

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