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Eating Disorders Day Programs

  • Belmont offers two day treatment programs for eating disorders.

    Belmont’s eating disorders program prescribes treatment according to need. We offer two types of outpatient treatment: partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment. Both allow the patient to return home in the evening.

    For admissions:

    Partial Hospitalization Program

    Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    This type of treatment is designed for patients who have trouble functioning at home but do not need 24-hour care. This method can serve as an entry into treatment, a way to prevent inpatient treatment or as step-down care from an inpatient stay.

    Many patients experience a reduction of symptoms after attending the partial hospitalization program for 15 days.

    Patients meet weekly with the treatment team to discuss treatment planning and aftercare, which includes:

    • Daily meal and menu planning support groups
    • Supervised lunches and snacks that meet unique nutritional needs
    • A full range of therapeutic and psychoeducational support groups
    • Weekly individual and family therapy, psychiatric consultation and nutrition counseling
    • Daily academic support available for children
    • Continued involvement with in-patient therapists for step-down patients who are transitioning into the Partial Hospitalization Program.

    Intensive Outpatient Program

    Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    This type of treatment targets patients who may benefit from more support than weekly outpatient sessions but do not require the higher intensity of the Partial Hospitalization Program.

    Patients usually attend Intensive Outpatient sessions five or fewer days per week. In addition, IOP patients are expected to meet with an individual therapist, family therapist or psychiatrist outside of the program.

    Weekly meetings with the treatment team are held to discuss treatment planning and aftercare, which includes:

    • Daily meal and menu planning support groups
    • Supervised lunches and snacks
    • A full range of therapeutic and psycho educational groups
    • Psychiatric consultation and nutritional planning

    Nancy Curry, LSW
    Day Treatment Program Coordinator
    Phone: 215-581-3825


    Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment
    4200 Monument Road
    Philadelphia, PA 19131
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