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Warning Signs of Suicide

  • Depression causes at least half of all suicides in the U.S. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for adolescents. Women attempt suicide more often than men, but men are more likely to complete the act. If you think someone you know may be considering suicide, get help immediately.

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    Warning Signs of Suicide

    Be wary if someone you know exhibits the following suicide signs:

    • Withdrawal – avoiding previously pleasurable activities or hobbies and unwilling to communicate with family and friends in order to spend much of their time alone
    • Aggression – increasingly irritable and aggressive behavior
    • Work or School Problems – disrupting classes or not finishing assigned projects or responsibilities
    • Moodiness – may be "high" one day and "down" the next; if calmness follows an intense period of depression, this can be a dangerous sign that the person has already decided that suicide is the solution
    • A Life Crisis – if a person is already depressed, a crisis such as a divorce or breakup of a relationship can trigger suicide
    • Threats – all threats to commit suicide or comments such as "I wish I had never been born" should be treated seriously
    • Giving Items Away – may start to give away cherished items when contemplating suicide
    • Risky Behavior – risky sex or dangerous driving may be unconscious ways to commit suicide


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