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    Look who’s swiping now: 6-month-old babies are using smartphones, study says
    More and more Americans are handing their smartphones to their kids, some as young as 6 months old, according to a new study.
    The Washington Post - April 27, 2015

    Very Young Kids Often Use Tablets, Smartphones, Study Finds
    Up to half of very young children use smartphones and tablets in some way before their first birthday, a new study finds. But parents still worry about their children's use of mobile media, a separate study says.
    Health Day - April 26, 2015

    Babies as young as 6 months using mobile media
    More than one-third of babies are tapping on smartphones and tablets even before they learn to walk or talk, and by 1 year of age, one in seven toddlers is using devices for at least an hour a day, according to a study to be presented Saturday, April 25 at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in San Diego.
    Eureka Alert - April 25, 2015

    Angelina Jolie discusses her tough choices
    Jennifer Simmons, MD, Chief of Breast Surgery at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery is quoted in an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about the preventive surgery Angelina Jolie underwent to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes. Since finding out she has the BRCA1 gene which puts you at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer, Angelina Jolie has had a preventive double mastectomy and now this surgery. - March 25, 2015  

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