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  • 2013 Nurses Week Honorees

    Published: 05/13/2013

    National Nurses Week, held May 6 to 13, is a great time to acknowledge the hard work and tremendous contribution our nurses make in the lives of our patients and families each and every day.

    This year, the theme for Nurses Week at Einstein Healthcare Network was “Caring, Health and Wellness,” and throughout the week, ceremonies and special events were held at various campuses throughout the network.

    Here is the list of all of our Nurses who received special recognition during National Nurses Week:

    Sandra Werts, RN 
    Virginia Wingate, HUC, Levy 9
    Matt Nguyen BHA, LTSR
    Jamaine Williams, BHA, 2 South
    Lola Brown, BHA, 1 Center
    Therapeutic Options Instructors - Team Award
    Members BHAs - Al Koren, Robin Winder, Marcelus Boone, Gerald Johnson, Sherita McKinnon, Mark Nembhard; RNs Timothy Daley, Bob Haney, Stacy Smithson, Danielle Wright, Cathy Knox-Fisher

    Maria Barcena, RN
    Lincy Stephens, CNA

    Rehab Cluster
    Michelle Forrest RN, CRRN - 3 Main
    Linda Sklarow RN, BSN, CRRN - Brain Injury Unit
    Tiffany Odom RN, BSN - 1 West Stroke Unit
    Santamma Mohanan CNA - 1 West Stroke Unit
    Kristin Fairy CNA - Moss at Doylestown Hospital
    Shauncey Smith CNA - Brain Injury Unit

    Critical Care Cluster
    Suzanne Coyle, RN MPCU
    Melinda Kouch, RN, BSN, PCCN, MPCU
    Kirsten Clancy BSN, RN, NSU - ‘Tom Campbell Caring Spirit Award”
    Mary Ann Donnelly, RN, CCRN, SICU
    Anthony Saint Preux, CCA, SICU
    Eric Smith, PCA MPCU

    Heart Cluster
    Teri Ragazzone, RN CCU
    Cindy Gola, RN, CCU
    Cindi Hopkins, BSN, RN, Tower 5
    Marie Georges, BSN, RN, Tower 5
    Jessica Welsh, PCA Tower 5
    EPS Lab Nurse Practitioner Team - Bernadette Sheeron MSN, RN, CRNP, Yoland Hoertes, MSN, RN, CRNP, and Kim Leotta, MSN, RN, CRNP

    Medical/Surgical Cluster
    Anne Ercolino, RN, Tower 6
    Naya Mounzon, BSN, RN, Tower 6
    Tower 4 Quality Team Award – Jesse Dogon, RN, Glenn Fernando, BSN, RN, Veronica Miller, BSN, RN,
    Yamile Cuevas, BSN, RN, Ayanna Harrison, RN
    Samrana Mohsin, PCA, Tower 6
    Jaleen Dawson, HUC, Levy 4/7
    Renee Hill, HUC, T6

    Emergency Services
    Beth Hurwitz, BSN, RN, CEN, EMCEP
    Joe Stringer, ED Tech, EMCEP
    Nikki George, ED Tech, EMCP
    Jill Ryan, BSN, RN EMCP
    Erik Rowland, RN, EMCEP - Marianne Smith-Catanzaro Caring Spirit Award

    Women & Children

    Jane Dougherty, RN, CBC, CCE, L&D
    Angel Acevedo, SBN, RN, NICU
    Louwanna Rodriguez, HUC, Lifter 3
    Amber Schick, BSN, RN, CMSRN, Lifter 4
    Baby –Friendly Task Force –Team Award

    Surgical Services
    Martin Siena, PCA, PAUC, EMCP
    Susan Levinthal, RN, Ambulatory Surgery, EMCP
    Joann Stefano, RN, OR, EMCP
    Rekha Mathew, BSN, RN, EMCEP
    Kathleen Dunn, BSN, RN, Center One
    Einstein Regional Surgical Heart Nursing Team Award: Theresa Baker, BSN, RN, CRNFA, Erin Hummel, BSN, RN, Jenna DiBartola, BSN, RN, Matthew Zauflik, BSN, RN, Ellen Stoler, MSN, RN, and Lisa Ruiz. Surgical Technician

    Shared Governance Leadership Award
    Teresa Gunn, BSN, RN

    Nursing Prism Award
    Carol A. Vander Vossen, Director, Regulatory Agencies

    Special Recognition
    Parese Kosmidas, MSN, RN, CWOCN & Patricia Hayes, MSN, RN for “Wounded” A Wound Care Newsletter

    Nurse Manager caring Colleague Award
    Tina Roma-Fisher, BSN, RN, CRRN , MossRehab Unit at Sacred Heart, Allentown

    (See a photo album from our celebrations on our facebook page.)

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