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  • 6 Ways to Stay Safe This Holiday Season

    Published: 11/26/2012

    While the holiday season is a time of joy and happiness, it is unfortunately, also a time of year when crime against people and property tends to rise.

    In order to make your holidays joyous and safe, Russ Jones, Director of Protective Services for Einstein Healthcare Network, offers the following suggestions to stay safe as you travel to and from home, work, school, and shopping:

    • Exercise special caution getting in or out of your vehicle. Park your vehicle in a well-lit area and be aware of your surroundings. Never leave valuables visible. Stow them away or cover them with a blanket or sheet. When returning to your vehicle, carry your keys in your hand and be ready to unlock the door and enter as quickly as possible. Lock doors and windows when getting into your vehicle and keep them locked while driving.
    • Walk to and from the stores, parking lots, places of employment, classes, etc., with others if possible. If necessary, request a security escort—if available—by calling security. It is true that there is safety in numbers. You can request a security escort at any time, especially at night or if you’re headed to your vehicle. It helps if you give Protective Services/Security where you are as much advance notice as possible so they can accommodate your request.
    • While out and about, present an alert appearance. Be observant. Be aware of your surroundings. Stay near light and people. Avoid dark areas. If anyone is loitering, or you feel uncomfortable with their presence for some reason, avoid them and move on quickly.
    • If you have a cellular telephone, keep it with you. Be prepared to call 911 in case of an emergency. Put this number into your cell phone speed dialer. Promptly report suspicious persons or vehicles to Protective Services/Security.
    • Be prepared to flee potential problems. If you feel uncertain about your surroundings for any reason, leave. Consider carrying a whistle. If followed on foot, use your cell phone to call for help and cross the street, vary your pace or change direction.
    • Keep your workplace safe. Keep personal items such as handbags and wallets in a locked, secure area. Electronic items such as Blackberry’s, Smartphones, tablets and laptop computers should be secured when left unattended. Offices should be locked when unattended.

    We hope this information helps to keep you safe and secure throughout the holiday season and the New Year.

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