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  • A sober look at drug dependency (6ABC News)

    Published: 10/19/2012

    A sober look at drug dependency

    Drug abuse is a problem for many people and families in our area, and is often a lifelong battle that can end tragically.

    Dr. Sachin Mehta with the Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment says battling addiction is a lifelong and gruesome struggle for some people.

    It is extremely addictive physically as well as psychologically," he said.

    Dr Mehta says addicts crave the highly euphoric feeling involved with drug use for as long as 6 months into sobriety.

    "They continue to feel a little depressed; feel like something is missing in them, and this often leads to a relapse.

    Garrett Reid had been struggling with drug abuse since 2001.

    (Read the whole story, reported by Jennifer Joyce, on the 6ABC website here.)

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