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  • Doctor Burnout is a Problem in the U.S., but not at Einstein

    Published: 11/09/2012

    Stress and rapid change: a prescription for doctor burnout

    A recent study found that one out of two doctors reports signs of serious burnout. Doctors are hitting that wall of exhaustion and depression at a higher rate than people in other stressful professions. Hospitals are an especially fertile ground for the problem. So, what are local hospitals doing to address this issue?

    ....The core demands of the job have always been tough, but experts says dramatic changes in how medicine is practiced and paid for now add to the stress. Grading of outcomes, electronic records, intense cost pressure — it's a lot.

    Hospital doctors now talk more openly and frequently about leaving the profession, or switching to calmer, more lucrative boutique practices.

    "We are right now right in between the old way of doing business in medicine, and the new way of doing business in medicine," said Steven Sivak, chairman of medicine at Einstein Medical Center, a hospital in North Philadelphia.

    "The new way of doing business in medicine is known as accountable care and that takes many forms, we're stuck right in the middle and we're challenged on how we're going to get from where we are to where we need to be," said Sivak.

    (Read or listen to the whole WHYY Radio piece by Maiken Scott here.)

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