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  • Doctors Across Nation ready to Leave Profession. But not at Einstein, says Dr. Steve Sivak to WHYY Radio

    Published: 10/11/2012

    Survey finds physicians are frustrated, ready to quit

    American physicians are frustrated, feel pessimistic about their profession's future - and more than half would retire today if they could.

    These gloomy findings come from a national survey of thousands of doctors.

    The Physicians Foundation surveyed more than 13,000 doctors, asking them how they feel about their work, their role, and health care in the U.S.

    The survey found that morale is low, very low.

    "Physicians are disillusioned, disaffected and disengaging from the medical practice environment," said retired pediatrician Dr. Walker Ray, who chairs the research committee for the Physicians Foundation.

    According to the survey, "77 percent of physicians said that they were somewhat or very pessimistic about the future of the medical profession; 84 percent agreed that the medical profession is in decline; and 58 percent would not recommend medicine as a career to young people or their own children," continued Ray.

    ...The field of medicine is in flux, which creates a lot of uncertainty, says Steven Sivak, chairman of medicine at Einstein Healthcare Network.

    "We are right now right in between the old way of doing business in medicine and the new way of doing business in medicine," explained Sivak. "The new way is known as accountable care and that takes many forms.

    ...Sivak, who says physician turnover at Einstein is low, credits a shared mission and strong teamwork for that retention rate.

    (Read the whole piece by Maiken Scott here.)

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