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  • Dr. John Whyte Receives Award for Excellence from Kessler Foundation

    Published: 04/04/2012

    PHILADELPHIA (April 3, 2012) – John Whyte, MD, PhD,  Director of Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute—the  research arm of MossRehab, the world renowned physical and cognitive rehabilitation center in Philadelphia—is the 2012 recipient of the Kessler Foundation’s Joel A. DeLisa, MD Award for Excellence in Research and Education in the Field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The award comes with a $50,000 unrestricted grant.

    There are six criteria that nominees had to meet to be considered—Education/ Training, Leadership, Publications, Prior Funding, Program Development, and Service—and the award committee made Dr. Whyte their top choice out of a pool of highly qualified candidates. Dr. Whyte is particularly known for his involvement with the Rehabilitation Medicine Scientist Training Program, which trains young physiatrists for research careers, and for his research on recovery from prolonged unconsciousness and on attention and executive deficits after brain injury. Most Recently, Dr. Whyte and colleagues researched the use of amantadine hydrochloride—a drug used to treat Parkinson’s Disease—to help those with brain injury. Read about it here in the New York Times. Research showed that a daily dose of the drug accelerated recovery of function of patients with brain injury.

    Dr. Whyte will officially be recognized at a the Kessler Foundation’s Board of Trustees Annual Dinner May 10 in West Orange , New Jersey.

    “I've experienced Dr. DeLisa's academic contributions to the field of PM&R first hand for many years, so to receive this award is particularly meaningful to me,” said Dr. John Whyte upon hearing of his recognition. “Helping to shape research on traumatic brain injury, and being involved in training future rehabilitation researchers is fulfilling in itself, so receiving an award for them feels like icing on the cake."

    “MossRehab is pleased that the Kessler Foundation has recognized Dr.Whyte,” said Ruth Lefton, Chief Operating Officer, MossRehab. “He has devoted his career to advancing the field of rehabilitation research in the United States. He has not only conducted ground breaking research that has benefitted individuals with brain injury but he has also been a mentor to the next generation of rehabilitation researchers. We are proud of his accomplishments.”

    The Kessler Foundation’s Joel A. DeLisa, MD Award for Excellence in Research and Education in the Field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation award is named after Joel A. DeLisa, MD, MS, the Founding Director of Kessler Foundation Research Center. Dr. DeLisa is internationally renowned for his academic, clinical and research contributions to physical medicine and rehabilitation. He is the author of the leading textbook in the field, DeLisa's Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Principles and Practice.

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