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  • Dr. Nancy Young Appointed First Woman President of Pennsylvania Association of Pathologists

    Published: 06/28/2013

    Nancy A. Young, MD, Chair of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Einstein Healthcare Network, recently became the first woman to be appointed president of the Pennsylvania Association of Pathologists. Dr. Young is also the first woman to chair Einstein’s pathology department and succeeds her father in that job. Her mother was the first woman pathologist at Einstein.

    Q: Another first for you! Congratulations.

    A: I wasn’t really thinking in those terms and then the association executive director pointed out that I was the first woman.

    Q. How does the association advocate for pathologists?

    A. We have a very important annual meeting where people network, present papers, give lectures about the latest technology in molecular pathology, the latest terminology or classification systems. It’s a great meeting because it’s small enough for people to network throughout the state.

    Q. Is there a particular issue the organization is focused on?

    A. We’re lobbying our senators and representatives in Washington to propose legislation that would close the loophole protecting physicians who refer pathology services to laboratories which they own or in which they have a financial interest. We’re also concerned about the sharp decrease in the number of pathologists and are seeking more funding so we can maintain a viable profession to meet the needs of an aging population and an ever more complex practice of medicine.

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