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  • Einstein Healthcare Network Announces Recognition of 34 Top Doctors

    Published: 04/29/2013

     Einstein Healthcare Network has surpassed its record in the May 2013 issue of Philadelphia magazine with 34 physicians selected as Top Doctors (exceeding 31 Top Docs in 2012). Recognized for their clinical excellence, the Einstein doctors represent a broad range of clinical areas, including: orthopedic surgery, radiation oncology, maternal and fetal medicine, interventional cardiology, surgery, clinical genetics, diagnostic radiology, internal medicine, and others.

    This group affirms the reputation of Einstein doctors for providing quality care and continues a long tradition of the network’s doctors earning this honor.

    Each year, Philadelphia magazine teams with Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., a well-known healthcare research and information company and surveys the region’s physicians, asking them to identify other doctors who are highly skilled caregivers. Castle Connolly then reviews the information along with the doctors’ educational and professional experience before final selections are made.

    “It’s gratifying to see that the number of our physicians recognized by their peers grows each year,” says Barry R. Freedman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Einstein Healthcare Network. “Congratulations to our doctors, nurses and entire workforce for the quality care they deliver and the exemplary job they do each day. This recognition is well-deserved.”

    The following 34 physicians from across Einstein Healthcare Network were recognized as Top Doctors (listed in alphabetical order):

    S. Nadeem Ahsan, MD
    Pain Medicine
    Specialty: Chronic pain management, complex regional pain syndromes, neuropathic pain

    Russell H. Amundson, MD
    Neurological Surgery
    Specialty: Brain injury, spinal surgery

    Eric J. Bloom, MD
    Specialty: Electrolyte disorders, fluid/electrolyte balance, hypertension, diabetic kidney disease

    Lawrence H. Brent, MD
    Specialty: Lupus/SLE, ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis

    Mark J. Capkin, MD
    Internal Medicine
    Specialty: Preventive medicine

    Arthur Chernoff, MD
    Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
    Specialty: Diabetes, cholesterol/lipid disorders, thyroid disorders, eating disorders/obesity

    Arnold W. Cohen, MD
    Maternal & Fetal Medicine
    Specialty: High-risk pregnancy, diabetes in pregnancy

    Debra Copit, MD
    Diagnostic Radiology
    Specialty: Mammography, breast imaging

    Alberto Esquenazi, MD
    Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
    Specialty: Amputee rehabilitation, gait and mobility evaluation, spasticity management

    Robert A. Fischer, MD
    Infectious Disease
    Specialty: Travel medicine/AIDS/HIV

    Richard H. Greenberg, MD
    Colon & Rectal Surgery
    Specialty: Minimally invasive surgery, laparoscopic abdominal surgery, endoscopy

    John A. Handal, MD
    Orthopedic Surgery
    Specialty: Spinal surgery, trauma, pelvic and acetabular fractures, minimally invasive spinal surgery

    Lisa K. Jablon, MD
    Specialty: Breast surgery, sentinel node surgery, breast cancer, breast cancer risk assessment

    Mark J. Kaplan, MD
    Specialty: Trauma, laparoscopic surgery

    Philip O. Katz, MD
    Specialty: Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), swallowing disorders, Barrett’s esophagus, esophageal disorders

    Mark J. Kotapka, MD
    Neurological Surgery
    Specialty: Pituitary tumors, skull base surgery, spinal disorders, trauma

    Michael Lippmann, MD
    Pulmonary Disease
    Specialty: Bronchitis, asthma, lung disease

    Sumeet K. Mainigi, MD
    Cardiac Electrophysiology
    Specialty: Atrial fibrillation, pacemakers, arrhythmias

    Nathaniel H. Mayer, MD
    Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
    Specialty: Motor control analysis, spasticity management, brain injury rehabilitation

    Michael J. Metro, MD
    Specialty: Incontinence, Peyronie’s disease, reconstructive surgery, urologic cancer

    D. Lynn Morris, MD
    Interventional Cardiology
    Specialty: Cardiac catheterization, angioplasty & stent placement

    Mark A. Posner, MD
    Allergy & Immunology
    Einstein Medical Center Montgomery
    Specialty: Allergy, asthma

    Carlene E. Quashie, MD
    Maternal & Fetal Medicine
    Specialty: HIV in pregnancy, high-risk pregnancy

    James S. Raphael, MD
    Hand Surgery
    Specialty: Reconstructive microvascular surgery, upper extremity trauma, limb surgery/reconstruction

    Brian D. Rosenthal, DO
    Einstein Medical Center Montgomery
    Specialty: Urologic cancer, robotic surgery, prostate disease

    Adele S. Schneider, MD
    Clinical Genetics
    Specialty: Developmental disorders, hereditary disorders, genetic eye disorders

    Jennifer C. Simmons, MD
    Einstein Medical Center Montgomery
    Specialty: Breast cancer, breast surgery

    Lawrence J. Solin, MD
    Radiation Oncology
    Specialty: Breast cancer

    C.R. Sridhara, MD
    Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
    Specialty: Electromyography, chronic pain, musculoskeletal pain, spinal rehabilitation

    William Tester, MD
    Medical Oncology
    Specialty: Hematology, lung cancer, prostate cancer

    Thomas K. Watanabe, MD
    Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
    Specialty: Brain injury rehabilitation

    Kenneth L. Zeitzer, MD
    Radiation Oncology
    Specialty: Lung cancer, prostate cancer, rectal cancer, head & neck cancer

    Marc H. Zisselman, MD
    Geriatric Psychiatry
    Specialty: Depression, dementia, electroconvulsive therapy

    Seth Zwillenberg, MD
    Specialty: Pediatric otolaryngology

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