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  • Einstein Launches Comprehensive Prenatal Program

    Published: 07/26/2012

    PHILADELPHIA, July 26, 2012 – Einstein Healthcare Network has launched a comprehensive prenatal care program called CenteringPregnancy® which offers health care assessment, education and support in a group setting. The Centering program offers women the opportunity to play an active role in their care and to share information and experiences with others who have a similar due date. Some studies suggest that outcomes for women using this model of care are better than for those in traditional care, reducing the rate of premature births and increasing the rate of breastfeeding.

    Certified nurse midwife Colleen Lynch, CNM, who manages the program, says “participants track their baby’s growth and their pregnancy progress, and learn how to record their blood pressure and weight. This model of care enables healthcare providers to spend more time answering questions and educating women about their pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. There’s also a convenience factor since the program eliminates the need for separate childbirth classes.”

    There are between 8 to 12 women in each group and ten sessions take place over a seven month period. Patients will make their first prenatal visit with their obstetrical care provider and if they are “low risk” and want to participate in the CenteringPregnancy® program they will then meet once a month after the first trimester (at approximately 16 weeks). As the birth of their baby approaches, the women meet every two weeks. Each session lasts two hours and consists of individual time with the Centering provider followed by a group meeting. Participants sit in a circle for the group meetings and the discussions are interactive covering topics including goals for pregnancy (e.g., exercising and eating healthy), benefits of breastfeeding, labor & delivery, postpartum issues, birth control, and more. Women can bring one support person to the sessions, which can be a partner, family member or friend. One month after giving birth, the women can bring their babies in for a session to share experiences about adjusting to life with their newborn babies.

    Since the program is offered through Einstein’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, for those patients who may develop problems during their pregnancy, Einstein’s staff of obstetricians are available to provide expert care.

    Centering Pregnancy is offered at Enon Baptist Tabernacle Church, 2800 West Cheltenham Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa., 19150, just a few miles from Einstein Medical Center.

    For information about the Centering Program, contact Colleen Lynch at 267-908-0661 or

    The program is being funded through a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

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