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  • Einstein Trauma Nurse Benita McCann, Earns Award from the American Trauma Society

    Published: 05/22/2013

     Benita McCann, RN, BSN, of Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, received the Barb Esposito “Excellence in Trauma Nursing” Award for her dedication and skills, at the recent American Trauma Society, PA Division’s (ATSPA) Annual Conference Awards Banquet.

    McCann has been a trauma nurse at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia for 13 years working in the Neuro-Trauma Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU). In her time at Einstein, she has demonstrated her skills as a clinical expert, leader, educator and patient advocate. McCann consistently provides the highest quality of care to her trauma patients.

    McCann always introduces herself to family and friends of the trauma patient and stays with the patient when they are very sick, even if her shift is over. She supports the patient’s family through tough decisions that need to be made, whether it is comforting them, praying with them, or simply being a presence

    The former Delaware Trauma Nurse Consortium funds the Barb Esposito “Excellence in Trauma Nursing” Award, and has recently entrusted ATSPA with choosing an awardee. The award is given to a trauma staff nurse who has displayed excellence in any of the following areas: clinical expertise, leadership, research, education, prevention, outreach and patient advocacy.

    Barb Esposito who died in 2005, was one of the founding members of the Delaware Valley Trauma Nurse Consortium. In her honor, a scholarship to attend ATSPA’s conference, along with the nominator, and a cash prize, is awarded.

    ATSPA recognizes individuals for their outstanding work in trauma prevention and education. ATSPA is a non-profit trauma prevention and education organization dedicated to reducing suffering, disability and death due to trauma. For more information, contact ATSPA at (717) 766-1616, 1-800-822-2358, or visit the organization’s website at

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