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  • Keeping Your Kids Safe This Halloween

    Published: 10/24/2013

    Halloween is just around the corner.

    And with all the fun comes a few safety concerns that parents can be prepared for.

    Dr. John Kelly, MD, chief of emergency medicine at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, has shared a few tips to help assure there's nothing scary about your child's Halloween health.

    1: Kids should not go out trick-or-treating without adult supervision. No going out alone!

    2: It gets dark early this time of year. Start trick-or-treating early, around 5:15 pm.  

    3. All kids should have attachable flashlights or blinking strobe lights that will allow them to be seen by cars.

    4: Parents and their trick-or-treaters should cross the streets at the intersections and obey the traffic lights. No jaywalking/dashing out between parked cars!

    5: Parents, inspect all candy and "loot" when you arrive back home. Children should not eat anything until screened by parents. If the packaging looks like it was tampered with (rips or holes in the wrapper, other red flags) throw it away!

    6. Watch out for anything that is not wrapped and sealed.

    7: Make sure your kids can see out of their masks/costumes and that the costumes fit them properly. If it is poorly fitted, the costume could cause poor vision, leading to trips and falls. It could also be a choking or fire hazard.

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