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  • MossRehab Running Clinic Allows Runners to Keep Running While Recovering From Injuries

    Published: 04/18/2014

    As proven by the 40,000 runnners who will be lacing up their sneakers for the 10 mile Blue Cross Broad Street Run in Philadelphia May 4, long distance running as a source or recreation, competition and exercise is more popular than ever.

    And with all those miles logged come a variety of running-specific injuries such as Runner’s Knee, Plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, Achilles tendonosis, lower back pain, Lliotibial band syndrome, hamstring strain and hip pain that need an in-depth evaluation and treatment by a clinical team specializing in running injuries.

    The MossRehab Running Clinic at the Elkins Park campus is comprised of physical therapists who specialize in running injuries. From elite athletes to novice runners alike, the Running Clinic evaluates, treats and educates runners on how to reach their highest level of performance, avoid injury, or recover from one. MossRehab clinicians utilize the most current evidence-based treatment and technology to keep a runner on their feet, including a comprehensive evaluation including musculoskeletal examination, detailed medical and running history, biomechanical analysis and video gait analysis.

    But by far, the most popular and sought after piece of technology used at the MossRehab Running Clinic is the AlterG Antigravity Treadmill, which reduces gravity’s impact while running. The runner/patient steps into an air-tight chamber that seals around their hips. The chamber is then filled with air, supporting the runner/patient’s body weight to varying percentages, allowing them to run with their normal gait even if they have an injury that wouldn’t ordinarily be able to take the stress or support the load of their body while running.

    “The AlterG (Antigravity Treadmill) is an amazing piece of equipment,” said MossRehab Running Clinic Physical Therapist John Feeley, himself a runner who has trained elite, world-class Olympic runners. “It’s used in United States Olympic Training Centers, and by teams in the NBA, NCAA, NFL and MLB. And we have it right here for all of our patients and Running Clinic participants. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior who wants to get back to running, we give you equal access to the Alter G and our expertise.”

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