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  • MossRehab Supports Cheltenham Police Bicycle Safety Rodeo

    Published: 04/20/2012

    PHILADELPHIA (April13, 2012) – On Saturday, May 5,MossRehab—the renowned physical and cognitive rehabilitation center with afacility in Elkins Park—will be providing free bicycle helmets and helmetfittings at the Cheltenham Township Police Department Highway Safety andCommunity Policing Unit’s Bicycle SafetyRodeo at Elkins Park School from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

    Alongwith free helmets and fittings, the BicycleSafety Rodeo will feature bike inspections conducted by mechanics from Guy’s Bike Shop, rules of the roadprograms and a skills course.

    TheBicycle Safety Rodeo is open toelementary school children in both public and parochial schools located inCheltenham Township.

    “We’reproud to provide bicycle helmets and to show children and their parents how towear them properly,” said Thomas Watanabe, MD, Clinical Director, Drucker BrainInjury Center at MossRehab. “With the arrival of warm weather, children arepulling out their bicycles, scooters, and skateboards. While these activitiesare a lot of fun, there is the risk of brain injuries through falls or collisions.A helmet is a very effective and inexpensive form of protection, but only if itfits correctly. We want to help children have a safe, fun summer and MossRehabbelieves prevention is the best medicine!”

    Ifyou have any questions regarding the BicycleSafety Rodeo call Officer Jeff Murphy at 215-885-1600 ext. 466

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