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  • Philadelphia Inquirer Wrote About Einstein Medical Center Montgomery Observation Unit

    Published: 09/26/2012

    Einstein's new Montco hospital emphasises growing outpatient numbers

    Einstein Healthcare Network's new hospital in Montgomery County has all the bells and whistles one would expect in a new medical center: Wall-to-wall windows, separate WiFi networks for staff and visitors, and all private rooms.

    But among the most carefully thought-out areas of the facility, opening Saturday and called Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, is a set of eight rooms next to the emergency department. That's where Einstein will treat patients who do not qualify for inpatient admission according to insurers, including Medicare, but who need to be observed for up to 48 hours.

    Such patients wallop hospitals financially, because insurers are classifying an increasing number of patients this way and pay about 70 percent less for their treatment, even though, hospital executives say, "observation" patients require just as much work as regular inpatients.

    Einstein hopes it has found a better way in its $350 million hospital in East Norriton.

    (See the whole article by Harold Brubaker here.)

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